Spring 2017 – Preparing for market season.

We made it through another long snowy winter and a very wet spring is now upon us. It’s hard to believe that another market season is just around the corner. Our first day back at Old Squire’s Farm Market in Norway will be Saturday June 17th from 9am until 2pm.

We are still accepting customers for our 2017 CSA program. The cost for the season is $320, this represents a 10% discount off our farmers market prices. To learn more about this option visit the CSA page of our website.

To sign up please email your contact information to sales@wildfirefellowshipfarm.com

We have been moving seedlings through the starting barn this spring at a rapid pace. Arranging the seeding schedule with the wet spring weather has been a careful balancing act.

This spring our growing beds are getting a rich dose of compost to help build the soil!

Hoop House 2 is planted and ready for the spring growing season.

Hoop House 3 is planted with our tomato crop again this season. This type of medium sized hoop house is called a”caterpillar tunnel”. The sections are manufactured on the farm from pipe stock. Hoop House 3 is comprised of 3 sections covered with one single layer of greenhouse plastic to form a continuous tunnel.

And finally our Highland cattle are extremely happy to be on spring pastures! The lush grass is a welcome change from their winter hay diet. We use movable electric fencing to keep the cattle to a strict grazing pattern across our pastures. This allows us to maximize their nutrition and their positive impact on soil health.



Wildfire Fellowship Farm CSA 2017

Wildfire Fellowship Farm is pleased to announce its
CSA Program for 2017.

This year we are making three significant changes to the structure of our CSA shares.

  1. The CSA share season is being reduced from twenty (20) to sixteen (16) weeks. The 2017 distributions will begin on June 15 and end on September 30. The reason for this change is to allow us more time in the fall to work on field and structure maintenance.
  2. There will no longer be full and half shares. All shares will be the same, but each shareholder will still be able to add additional produce each week if desired.
  3. Discounted Share value will be $20.00 per week, for a season cost of $320.00

As in the past, the weekly share value is calculated based on a 10% discount from the retail price we receive at the market in Norway. All additional produce ordered to add to the weekly shares or purchased from us at the market through the balance of the season will also receive the 10% discount.

The final round of CSA sign up is now open!

Share slots are allotted on a first come first served basis.

To sign up please email us – sales@wildfirefellowshipfarm.com with your Name, Address, Phone Number, and pick up location (Buckfield / Norway).

Payments are due as follows:

$120.00 at the time of sign up

$100.00 by June 30, 2017

$100.00 by July 31, 2017

Full Payment is welcome prior to these deadlines.

The following is an excerpt of the schedule of what we will endeavor to put into each share for the sixteen weeks of distributions.


Week 4 Week 5
7/8/2017 7/15/2017
Lettuce Mix 1 1/2# Bag Head Lettuce 2 Heads
Cucumbers 2 Each Cucumbers 2 Each
Green Peppers 1 pound Kale 1 Bunch
Snap Peas 1 pound Zucchini 1 pound
Strawberries 1 Quart S. Squash 1 pound
Radishes 1 Bunch Broccoli 1 pound
Scallions 1 Bunch


Week 14 Week 15
9/16/2017 9/23/2017
Lettuce Mix 1 1/2# Bag Lettuce Mix 1 1/2# Bag
Cucumbers 1 Each Tomatoes 1 Pint
Tomatoes 2 pounds Kale 1 Bunch
Cabbage 1 Head Del Squash 1 Each
W. Squash 1 Each Radishes 1 Bunch
Carrots 1 Bunch
Onions 1 pound
We welcome your feedback and remind you that if you prefer to order your own mix of vegetables each week, you can do so through our Retail Direct Program where we email our product list each week and you order what you want at the full retail price.



2016 Year In Review

2016 was a busy year for the farm despite may challenges including a very dry growing season. Our wholesale and retail operations expanded this season, many new happy customers! We had a great season at Old Squire’s Farm Market in Norway and enjoyed our time on the green this summer.

With the addition of the smaller but more versatile Hoop House 3 we successfully expanded our tomato growing area. We are also able to manufacture these small hoop houses in our shop and will continue to find new uses for them in the future.

This year the we finished the build out of our vegetable packing area in the barn. This room allows us to clean and pack our vegetables for market in a temperature controlled environment right next to our walk in cooler.

One positive result of the hot dry growing season was a spectacular harvest of winter squash and onions!






Here is a look at our fall harvest drying in the barn.





Our CSA shares were truly colorful this season! We expanded our membership and continued to offer pick up at our farm, at Old Squire’s Farm Market in Norway, and at the Paychex cooperate office in Auburn.
















We were pleased to participate in the SNAP CSA program this season. This federal grant program administered statewide by MOFGA partially subsidized the cost of CSA shares for low income residents that received food assistance. We look forward to participating in this program again next season. 

Toward the end of the year we focused our efforts on improving and maintaining our infrastructure.

 With the help of Revision Energy and Pika Energy we added a grid tie solar array to our barn. 

Another large project was the relocation of Hoop House 1 to a new site. This move will keeps the soil fresh and free from disease without the use of chemicals.

As the year came to a close we welcomed another calve to our herd which brings us to six Highland Cattle on our farm.

Thank you to all of our customer both new and returning, we look forward to serving you in 2017!







Summer 2016 – Peak Season has arrived!

DSC_3705The tastes of summer are here, along with the heat!

Summer 2016 has brought with it plenty of heat and dry weather, however, we are producing some of the best hot weather crops we have ever seen.


Our strawberry harvest was great this season along with the early summer vegetables. As the season has progressed our herb crops have flourished and the tomatoes are selling well at market. We have added a third hoop house this year, as a result we were able to add new tomato varieties that have been a hit at market.


We were overrun by blueberries this season!
Our main planting of high bush blueberries has matured resulting in a massive harvest.

We are also proud to announce an addition to our herd of Scottish Highland cattle.

Baby Agabus was born on the farm a few weeks ago and is settling in nicely.

He is the second calve that has been born on the farm.

Heading into August the dry weather has been a bit of a concern but we are irrigating daily. This season we have added low pressure portable sprinklers to help speed up this watering process.
DSC_3687 IMG_1460

We look forward to the remainder of the summer and all great tastes that it is sure to bring!




Fresh Herb Season is Here!

Starting the week of July 18th we will be selling fresh organic herbs picked to order!


This buying opportunity will be offered to our Farm Direct Sales and CSA customers. Order ahead and pick up beautiful fresh herbs specially picked and packaged just for you.

We are offering these fresh herbs by the ounce, if you need larger quantities for recipes such as pesto we can accommodate.

Prices and availability will be published weekly in our Farm Direct and CSA emails.

To learn more or sign up click the link below :

Farm Direct Sales



Kicking off our 2016 Season


The CSA program and Direct sales program both start distribution this week.

We will also resume sales at Old Squire’s Farm Market on Main St in Norway.

The following is our sales schedule for this season:

Thursdays – Paychex Auburn – 11am – CSA distribution, Direct Sales order pick up, and mini market. As part of our presence at the Paychex campus we bring extra produce for anyone interested in purchasing that is not part of our CSA or Direct Sales Program.

Saturdays – Wildfire Farm Buckfield – 8am until 4pm – Self service CSA and Direct Sales pick up. Our self service coolers are located in our garage this year. Customer orders are bagged and labeled with the customers name. We will have envelopes and a drop box for customer payments.

Saturdays – Old Squire’s Farm Market – 9am until 2pm – Farmers Market, CSA and Direct Sales pick up. We now accept credit cards and EBT cards for payment at our market table, no more looking for cash!

We look forward to seeing our customers both new and returning, and delivering exceptional value and quality.

Thank You,

Peter and Sawyer Coleman

Wildfire Fellowship Farm


Open Farm Day 2016

Our annual Open Farm Day will be Saturday June 11th 10am until 3pm.


We will be giving farm tours and light refreshments will be served.

Come see where all those tasty organic vegetables and berries come from.


Our farm is located at

445 North Hill Rd Buckfield Me, 04220


Approximately one mile off Rt 117 via Roundabout Rd. (Rt 124)


Short on time, Farm Direct Sales is the answer!

Our Farm Direct Sales program allows customers to order produce ahead of time and pick it up each Saturday at our farm or at Old Squire’s Farm Market in Norway.

There is no charge for this service and helps to avoid the disappointment of sold out produce at the market!IMG_4876

Each week during our season we send our subscribers an email detailing what we are offering and the price. To purchase just drop us an email with your order and pay for your veggies at the time of pick up, it’s just that simple!


There is no obligation to buy, you may sign up using the form below.

Subscribe to our Direct Sales mailing list

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After submitting this form you will receive a verification email. You must confirm your information via the email link to complete the sign up.

Wildfire Fellowship Farm CSA 2016 is now accepting new customers!


We have opened up a limited number of additional spots in our 2016 CSA for new customers.

Our ultra premium certified organic produce is picked fresh before every CSA pick up day, this means that it tastes better and lasts longer than grocery store equivalents.

In addition to receiving high quality vegetables and berries our CSA members receive a 10% discount off our retail prices.

For more information and to sign up please visit the 2016 CSA Page of our website.


2015 Year in Review

2015 was a great year for Wildfire Fellowship Farm!

In 2015 we doubled the size of our CSA and added the option of A la carte produce buying.We were able to offer order pick up at both our farm and Old Squire’s Farm Market in Norway. We will be working to expand both buying options in 2016.


This spring saw the arrival of our first Scottish Highland beef cattle. Over the coming years this herd of grass fed beef cows will help improve and grow our soils. They will also  provide healthy and nutritious meats for our family and customers. Our initial breeding stock was brought to the farm from a herd located outside of Caribou Maine. Our grass fed beef program will take many seasons to build, however, this effort brings our farm closer to true sustainability.



2015 saw our second annual open house for our CSA members. It’s always fun to have our members out at the farm. Seeing where your food comes from brings a closer connection to our local food web. We look forward to expanding our open house day in 2016!


Despite a dry season we were able to offer beautiful organic produce to our customers from June until December. The challenging weather delayed some crops but we were able to make in through.

IMG_3611 IMG_3623IMG_3979 IMG_3981

IMG_4282 IMG_4627IMG_4864 IMG_4869 IMG_5653 IMG_5666As our season hit it’s stride we were able to offer our CSA members some truly beautiful weekly shares. Our CSA members received full value for their investment with a great variety of produce throughout the twenty week season.


As this year comes to a close we reflect on what was and look forward to what is to come in 2016. Thank you to all our customers, we look forward to serving you in the new year!

Peter & Sawyer Coleman

Wildfire Fellowship Farm.