Spring 2017 – Preparing for market season.

We made it through another long snowy winter and a very wet spring is now upon us. It’s hard to believe that another market season is just around the corner. Our first day back at Old Squire’s Farm Market in Norway will be Saturday June 17th from 9am until 2pm.

We are still accepting customers for our 2017 CSA program. The cost for the season is $320, this represents a 10% discount off our farmers market prices. To learn more about this option visit the CSA page of our website.

To sign up please email your contact information to sales@wildfirefellowshipfarm.com

We have been moving seedlings through the starting barn this spring at a rapid pace. Arranging the seeding schedule with the wet spring weather has been a careful balancing act.

This spring our growing beds are getting a rich dose of compost to help build the soil!

Hoop House 2 is planted and ready for the spring growing season.

Hoop House 3 is planted with our tomato crop again this season. This type of medium sized hoop house is called a”caterpillar tunnel”. The sections are manufactured on the farm from pipe stock. Hoop House 3 is comprised of 3 sections covered with one single layer of greenhouse plastic to form a continuous tunnel.

And finally our Highland cattle are extremely happy to be on spring pastures! The lush grass is a welcome change from their winter hay diet. We use movable electric fencing to keep the cattle to a strict grazing pattern across our pastures. This allows us to maximize their nutrition and their positive impact on soil health.



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