Summer in Maine on the Farm

Here on the farm summer has arrived and our crops are coming along nicely. Our CSA is in the fourth week and we are starting to deliver the first of our summer produce varieties. Just last week we started to harvest strawberries and so far it has been a great season!

New for this year is our lettuce mix. We are growing several new varieties for this mix and the results have been spectacular. SalanovaThe lettuce we use for our mix is called Salanova. This lettuce comes in several varieties and is quite tasty.

Salad MixThis is what the finished mix looks like. It holds up very well in the refrigerator and has a rich flavor.

As the weather heats up our summer hoop house crops begin to mature. The tomatoes are developing well and will soon reach the top of the trellis. Our eggplants are looking great and will be ready for harvest this week.

As the season progresses we will have even more produce varieties available. Enjoy the flavors of the season and be sure to check back with us often.


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