Summer 2016 – Peak Season has arrived!

DSC_3705The tastes of summer are here, along with the heat!

Summer 2016 has brought with it plenty of heat and dry weather, however, we are producing some of the best hot weather crops we have ever seen.


Our strawberry harvest was great this season along with the early summer vegetables. As the season has progressed our herb crops have flourished and the tomatoes are selling well at market. We have added a third hoop house this year, as a result we were able to add new tomato varieties that have been a hit at market.


We were overrun by blueberries this season!
Our main planting of high bush blueberries has matured resulting in a massive harvest.

We are also proud to announce an addition to our herd of Scottish Highland cattle.

Baby Agabus was born on the farm a few weeks ago and is settling in nicely.

He is the second calve that has been born on the farm.

Heading into August the dry weather has been a bit of a concern but we are irrigating daily. This season we have added low pressure portable sprinklers to help speed up this watering process.
DSC_3687 IMG_1460

We look forward to the remainder of the summer and all great tastes that it is sure to bring!




Kicking off our 2016 Season


The CSA program and Direct sales program both start distribution this week.

We will also resume sales at Old Squire’s Farm Market on Main St in Norway.

The following is our sales schedule for this season:

Thursdays – Paychex Auburn – 11am – CSA distribution, Direct Sales order pick up, and mini market. As part of our presence at the Paychex campus we bring extra produce for anyone interested in purchasing that is not part of our CSA or Direct Sales Program.

Saturdays – Wildfire Farm Buckfield – 8am until 4pm – Self service CSA and Direct Sales pick up. Our self service coolers are located in our garage this year. Customer orders are bagged and labeled with the customers name. We will have envelopes and a drop box for customer payments.

Saturdays – Old Squire’s Farm Market – 9am until 2pm – Farmers Market, CSA and Direct Sales pick up. We now accept credit cards and EBT cards for payment at our market table, no more looking for cash!

We look forward to seeing our customers both new and returning, and delivering exceptional value and quality.

Thank You,

Peter and Sawyer Coleman

Wildfire Fellowship Farm