Wildfire Fellowship Farm CSA 2017

Wildfire Fellowship Farm is pleased to announce its
CSA Program for 2017.

This year we are making three significant changes to the structure of our CSA shares.

  1. The CSA share season is being reduced from twenty (20) to sixteen (16) weeks. The 2017 distributions will begin on June 15 and end on September 30. The reason for this change is to allow us more time in the fall to work on field and structure maintenance.
  2. There will no longer be full and half shares. All shares will be the same, but each shareholder will still be able to add additional produce each week if desired.
  3. Discounted Share value will be $20.00 per week, for a season cost of $320.00

As in the past, the weekly share value is calculated based on a 10% discount from the retail price we receive at the market in Norway. All additional produce ordered to add to the weekly shares or purchased from us at the market through the balance of the season will also receive the 10% discount.

The final round of CSA sign up is now open!

Share slots are allotted on a first come first served basis.

To sign up please email us – sales@wildfirefellowshipfarm.com with your Name, Address, Phone Number, and pick up location (Buckfield / Norway).

Payments are due as follows:

$120.00 at the time of sign up

$100.00 by June 30, 2017

$100.00 by July 31, 2017

Full Payment is welcome prior to these deadlines.

The following is an excerpt of the schedule of what we will endeavor to put into each share for the sixteen weeks of distributions.


Week 4 Week 5
7/8/2017 7/15/2017
Lettuce Mix 1 1/2# Bag Head Lettuce 2 Heads
Cucumbers 2 Each Cucumbers 2 Each
Green Peppers 1 pound Kale 1 Bunch
Snap Peas 1 pound Zucchini 1 pound
Strawberries 1 Quart S. Squash 1 pound
Radishes 1 Bunch Broccoli 1 pound
Scallions 1 Bunch


Week 14 Week 15
9/16/2017 9/23/2017
Lettuce Mix 1 1/2# Bag Lettuce Mix 1 1/2# Bag
Cucumbers 1 Each Tomatoes 1 Pint
Tomatoes 2 pounds Kale 1 Bunch
Cabbage 1 Head Del Squash 1 Each
W. Squash 1 Each Radishes 1 Bunch
Carrots 1 Bunch
Onions 1 pound
We welcome your feedback and remind you that if you prefer to order your own mix of vegetables each week, you can do so through our Retail Direct Program where we email our product list each week and you order what you want at the full retail price.



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