Winter Construction Progress

During the snowy winter months on the farm we were finally able to catch up on several construction projects in the barn.

During the spring we built our walk in cooler in the barn but did not have a chance to finish the outside fully. To finish off the thermal envelope additional insulation was added on the outside in the form of foam board. With an R value of almost 7 this addition brings the wall up to around R 30. Walk in Cooler To protect the foam and finish the outside of the cooler sheathing boards were placed over strapping.

Walk in cooler with sheathingAnother carpentry project that we worked on was the loft staircase. The loft area provides a substantial amount of storage but access had only been via a ladder last summer.  Staircase

staircase 2Up in the loft we added railings and toe boards, this makes the area much safer to work in. RalesRales 2

In the future shelving and other organizational helping hands will be added to the loft area to help us contain the myriad of parts and pieces we need every day on the farm.

Next to the cooler another addition to our work area is a set of sturdy built-in shelves that will hold all manner of tools.


The list of projects seems never ending but it is nice to see progress as we prepare for the spring.

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